Australia Property development

APP developers build commercial, retail, industrial, residential estates and infrastructure.

Completed projects include; Five star hotels, shopping centres, new residential suburbs, 38 storey apartment complexes, duplexes & villa housing estates.

What We do ?

  • From concept, investment, construction, to sales/leasing.
  • Construct CBD multipurpose buildings – hotels, restaurants, retail, residential.
  • Acquire land to install infrastructure and housing estates.
  • Join our JV or retain sole ownership.
  • Sell land with property development licensing.
  • Shape projects for specific communities, such as for friends and family wanting to live or just invest in the same location.
  • Manage installation and leasing.
  • Tender for Australian government property contracts.
  • Use the latest building technologies.
  • Use the best architectural and engineering firms.
  • Deliver exact requirements, highest quality controlled practices,& guaranteed to be finished on-time and within budget.
  • Modern environmental friendly building techniques – Going green.


Enquire about our Golden Property Project Program

Providing a residential and/or commercial community for your friends and family in Australia.